Hello (World) = Introduce $ this blog

Posted on 8. April 2015 by uwap

Welcome to my new blog.

Firstly, let me introduce myself and talk about my intentions and ideas of this blog and what to expect.

I’m uwap. I’m 18 years old and a computer science student from Germany. I’ve been programming for almost 6 years now. One thing that bothered me about programming all the time was that either a language, its specifications, its libraries or its documentations were bad. One of my intentions in writing this blog is to introduce interesting languages that are uncommonly used for one. My other intentions are sharing some of my thoughts about ideas and concepts and to introduce interesting libraries, tools and frameworks beside unusual programming languages.

Last but not least, one of my core intentions is to share thoughts about computer science and maths in general. This is to help develop languages further and to end the lack of one of those 4 important things mentioned above. One of my main topics of this blog will be functional programming, as haskell is a good language, with good library support and great documentations. Then there are other functional programming languages, whose specifications are better than the ones of haskell, but lack library support and/or documentations. I will also try to write about languages that are not commonly called “functional programming languge” and though have interesting concepts.

Beside writing about good and bad things about things, I also want to present and share thoughts and ideas about certain things. This includes maths, computer science and programming, but will also sometimes be about life. That is, philosophy, sociology, religion and politics.

So, I’m glad you found this blog and I hope you’ll be reading more of it. If you want to stay updated you can use the RSS Feed or follow me on Twitter.

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